Mt. Lebanon Football Association



Coaching Guidelines: ​

  • Coaches will provide a safe and structure practice and game-time environment. 
  • Coaches will concentrate on providing the best of all possible tutelage in the basics of football; stressing teamwork and sportsmanship, as well as the fundamentals of the game.
  • ​Coaches will make every effort to stress to their players the need to follow directions and attend all practices and games.
  • Coaches and Assistant Coaches will confine any policy difference with the league or judgements by game officials to appropriate league meetings and shall not relay their feelings to players or parents.
  • Head Coaches will attempt to play each of his players the maximum amount of time possible dependent upon each player’s ability, desire, and attendance, and in accordance with specific league rules.
  • Coaches are encouraged to accept assistance from qualified parents and add them to the coaching staff when feasible and in accordance with specific league rules. These parents/assistant coaches must pass the appropriate background checks and certifications. 

Background Checks 

The Mt. Lebanon Football Association (MLFA) has taken important steps to ensure the highest level of safety within our program. One of these steps is the implementation of a standardized approach to background screening for our coaches and volunteers. The MLFA, in collaboration with the Mt. Lebanon Baseball Association (MLBA) is pleased to announce it's partnership with the National Center for Safety Initiatives, through which we will engage in a comprehensive background screening of our coaches and volunteers.

  • To coach or volunteer, you are required to complete the background screening. 

  • A Background Check is good for a 2 year duration.You do not have to get a background check every year - but it is your responsibility to manage it and get it renewed before it expires. 

  • There will be a $26.50 Processing Fee by the company providing the background check service

  • ​Complete information and instructions can be found on the MLBA website.Click Here for more info

Click to register for a Background Check Screening and follow these steps: 

Step 1 - Enter Self Registration Number: 38598297 (NOTE: it says the MLBA - but it also covers the MLFA) 

Step 2 - Enter your Information as Requested

Step 3 - Provide Legal Authorization and Certification

Step 4 - Make your payment of $26.50 


We aim to keep the coach-to-player ratio low, so the kids get a lot of instruction on fundamentals, technique, and core skill-development. We are an all-volunteer organization – so if you are interested in coaching, your time and effort are appreciated. Please step reach out to a league director and/or indicate on your registration form.  

While many of the coaches in the MLFA have football experience at the collegiate or high school level, we do not require football experience for you to be a coach. 

You will need to pass a standard background check. We also ask that you pass a safety certification via the USA Football Head’s Up Tackling program.