Mt. Lebanon Football Association


Frequently Asked Questions  

When will registration begin and end? 

Registration is from June 1 to August 15. 
Does the MLFA register children by age or grade? 
The MLFA leagues are structured by grade as follows: 

  • Kindergarten - 2nd grade: Flag 
  • 3rd and 4th grade:  JV. 
  • 5th and 6th grade:  Varsity

What is registration cost?
 Registration cost varies slightly by league level:

  • Flag: $50
  • JV: $165
  • Varsity: $175


Do you offer any discounts? 

Yes - the MLFA offers a "sibling discount" for the 3rd child in a family playing football. 

Do I have to buy my own equipment? How much does equipment cost?
Parents provide their own equipment for their players. Equipment costs vary considerably based on brand and overall quality.  Quality Football equipment can be purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Century Sports.  The MLFA recommends that you work closely with a professional trained in fitting football equipment as you go through the purchasing process and we have found Century Sports to do the most due diligence when it comes to equipment fitting. You can call them at (724) 941-2120 if you have any questions or would like to order equipment 

If you feel you cannot afford equipment for your player, please reach out to the league and we will see if arrangements can be made to find you equipment.
All MLFA coaches are properly trained to make sure your Child’s equipment fits and is worn properly for practice and games.
Does the MLFA have a weight limit? 
There is no weight limit precluding any child from playing football in the MLFA. For safety reasons, the MLFA puts weight limits on offensive skill players who may carry the ball (Quarterback, Running Back, Receiver) and for defensive positions off the line of scrimmage (Linebacker, Cornerback, Safety). Weight limits are determined on a league-by-league basis each season during summer-camp, prior to the teams being set and the season starting. All players will be weighed during summer camp and a safe weight limit will be set based on the average player weight in the league that year.
How are teams selected? 
All players for each league practice together at the beginning of the season and evaluated by the coaches. This is called "camp" and typically occurs from mid August through roughly Memorial Day. The coaches then select a draft order to ensure teams are equitable and competitively balanced. The draft procedures are outlined by league in the rules
This is my child’s first year of Football - will he play? 
Yes, the MLFA if a developmental league and all players will start on either offense or defense and be taught multiple positions.
How many practices each week and where are they? 
Practice schedules vary by league and average 2-3 practices per week.  All practices will be in Mt Lebanon at one of the schools. Practice locations will be determined when the schedule is finalized at the beginning of the season.  

How long are practices and when do they start? 
Practice schedules vary and evolve over the course of the season. Early in the season, practices typically start at 6pm and run for 1.5 hours (sometimes shorter for Termites), but as daylight lessens, practices typically shift to a start time of 5:30 and run until dark. Practice times are at the discretion of the leagues and individual coaches. 

How many games are played and where are they? 
We aim to have 6 games plus playoffs.  This may vary depending on the number of teams in the league. All games are played in Mt Lebanon at one of the schools - typically Mellon Middle School or on the turf at Mt. Lebanon High School. Locations will be determined when the schedule is finalized at the beginning of the season. 
How long is the season? 
The season generally runs from mid August to the end of October. Typically, the season lasts 8 weeks with a few "bye" weeks for each team. Then allow 2 weeks for the playoffs and championship. 
Who are the coaches? 
Our coaches are active members of our community and many are former college football players.  They are often fathers of children that participate in the MLFA. If you are interested in coaching, please indicate this while registering your child and follow up with your team’s Head Coach once teams are set.
What is required to become a coach?
First and foremost, coaching football requires a passion for working with kids – and it will require time and dedication. The MLFA is an all-volunteer organization – so your time and effort as a coach are appreciated. While many of the coaches in the MLFA have football experience at the collegiate or high school level, we do not require football experience for you to be a coach. You will need to pass a standard background check. We also ask that you pass a safety certification via the USA Football Head’s Up Tackling program. For first-time coaches, before you move forward with the background check or Heads Up Tacking certification, please check with the appropriate league director or elected officer to ensure you are proceeding properly. You can learn more about this in the coaching section. 


What is the team manager? 

The team manager is a person who helps coordinate the off-field activities and logistics related to each team - ranging from handing out rosters and collection of raffle ticket money to coordinating team pictures and off-field events. Typically the team manager is the wife of a coach, but any interested person can volunteer to help.  

As a parent, am I expected to volunteer or carry out any fundraising? 

We do not require any volunteer work. However, there may be ad-hoc requests to assist on game-day, working the sideline "sticks" or helping out at the concession stand at Mellon Field. From a fundraising perspective, you will be asked to sell a set of spaghetti dinner tickets - as part of the league's primary fundraiser. There may be additional raffles or other fundraising efforts during the year. And if you are interested, there are corporate sponsorships and family/personal booster levels you can achieve via additional donations - all of which are voluntary and very much appreciated.