Mt. Lebanon Football Association


Flag League - Kindergarten - Second grade 

The Mt. Lebanon Football Association is pleased to offer flag football for grades K thru 4. It is important to note, only flag is available for kids in Kindergarten through 2nd Grade, but kids entering 3rd and 4th grade, have the option of playing EITHER flag or tackle football, or both.

The purpose of the flag league is for kids to have a lot of fun, get a lot of exercise, and be introduced to basic football concepts.

  • Cost is $75 per player
  • Commitment level is expected to be approximately 2-days per week - practice and a game. 
  • League levels are divided by grade 
    • Flag-4 (Fourth Grade) 
    • Flag-3 (Third Grade) 
    • Flag-2 (Second Grade) 
    • Flag-1 (First Grade) 
    • Flag-K (Kindergarten) 
  • The season will run roughly 6 weeks
    • We are aiming to start the season on 8/30 - coaches will be in touch with individual practice schedules
  • Currently plan for Playoffs and championship game.
    • For Flag-1 thru Flag-4: Playoffs and championships will be announced at a later date
    • There will be no playoffs and championship for the Flag-K (Kindergarten) 
  • Coaches will be parents of players (with assistance from MLFA guest coaches and high school players).
  • The official FLAG RULES will be distributed to coaches at the beginning of the season.