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J.V. League 

The JV Tackle League is geared to 3rd and 4th graders. NOTE: flag football is also available for kids in 3rd and 4th grade. See the flag page for more details. 

The emphasis at the JV level is player development and teamwork. At the beginning of the year, players come in with a range of skills (some kids are first-year players while others have been playing for a couple of years). Coaches work with players individually and in small groups to accelerate their growth. Players begin to excel as they move beyond fundamentals into more advanced techniques at their position. The kids really grow as football players over the course of their JV career. Teamwork is paramount at this level as the kids learn to work together to achieve success. 

Every player will start on either offense or defense and will see significant playing time. 

Introductory camp (with full equipment) begins approximately the third week of August – location to be determined. Practice occurs three (3) times per week as a team from approximately the first week of September thru the last week of October (always at the same field – last year the team’s practiced at Foster Elementary School). 

​Games occur on Saturday’s either at Mellon Middle School or at Mt. Lebanon High School Stadium.  Times of the games vary. Games consist of four (4) 10-minute quarters with paid PIAA officials. To help with the transition to a more complex game, coaches are typically in the huddle for the first game-or-two, then plays are called from the sideline. Games are played with the traditional 11 players on a full field and  the playbook becomes more sophisticated over the year.