Mt. Lebanon Football Association


The mission of the Mt. Lebanon Football Association is to provide a safe and structured environment to teach children life lessons and skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives. Through Football, we teach children the value of teamwork. We develop their character, confidence, and humility through both success and adversity. We develop the ideals of hard work and discipline. And we help our children develop a sense of community through lasting and positive friendships while improving their health and physical well-being.

MLFA Objectives:

  • To promote good sportsmanship, discipline, honesty, integrity, and teamwork in a safe playing environment.
  • To teach basic fundamental skills of football.
  • To encourage scholastic excellence as well as athletic achievement in anticipation of higher education.
  • To assure that each youth is given the opportunity to develop athletic skills during practices and through game experience without prejudice. 
  • To enhance character and sportsmanship through experiences winning and losing.
  • To provide capable and dedicated coaches and sponsors of sound moral character.

MLFA By-Laws: 

For more information and background on the organizational structure of the Mt. Lebanon Football Association - please see our By-Laws: