Mt. Lebanon Football Association


The MLFA is a Developmental League.
Definition of Developmental Football:
Develop:  gain through experience, create by training and teaching; grow, progress, unfold, or evolve through a conducive environment; generate gradually; grow emotionally or mature.
Developmental: To develop, the process of developing.
Developmental Football: The process of teaching the game of football by establishing and gradually building upon sound fundamental principles, training through repetition and allowing the players to gain experience and grow in skills and confidence in a conducive, appropriate and safe environment.  

Our philosophy as a Developmental League places our complete focus on our Children and ensuring the best possible experience and environment for their growth and development. We are an in-house league so ALL Coaches have knowledge and familiarity with ALL Players. Indeed, you will not find an exclusively in-house youth football league in any other community in the South Hills – not Upper St. Clair, not Bethel Park, not Peters Township, not anywhere.  This is an entirely unique approach perfected by the MLFA over two decades.  Why is this important?  Unlike other communities, our players compete against each other in an equitable and competitively balanced manner.  The MLFA is not worried about beating a rival community with pre-selected and athletically-gifted teams.  Instead, the in-house league affords our Coaches the opportunity to ensure that ALL Players, regardless of size, skill or experience, start on either offense or defense and enjoy both significant playing team and meaningful opportunities to contribute to the team DURING actual games. It is also our expectation that ALL Players learn multiple positions on both offense and defense. 

Our Coaches are active members of our community and have significant Football experience and training. Many are former collegiate players and all go through a background screening and training process. We have a low player to coach ratio which allows your Child to receive consistent and constructive instruction. Our Coaches also make sure all equipment is properly fitted and worn during practices and games. 

This in-house developmental approach differentiates us from many other football leagues because our focus is on player growth and development, as a thoughtful long-term goal, as opposed to creating a hyper-competitive win-at-all-costs environment. Sure, our coaches and kids play to win - but the emphasis is on patiently teaching and learning in an encouraging setting within the boundaries and on the playing fields of our own community. 

The MLFA Difference 

The MLFA Believes in the Power of Sport.

We believe that the game of Football teaches our children lifelong lessons and skill sets that stay with them for the rest of their lives.  Through Football, our Children learn teamwork, develop their character and confidence through dealing with both success and adversity, and develop strong work ethics and discipline habits.  More importantly, these Children create community by developing lasting and positive friendships while improving their health through physical activity.    Our parents love the growth and development that Football provides their Children.   Our Children simply love to play Football.